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The benefits of Big Data in Real Estate

Big Data changing Real Estate Big Data is one of the technologies that gained its popularity in the real estate markets of many countries. The goal of Big Data technology is to automate the analysis of huge amounts of data from multiple information sources. And human capabilities will not be enough to process all this

Google Cloud Series: App Engine in Action

Objectives: Deploy an application with a custom environment to Google Cloud Prerequisites: Folk and clone this repo: https://github.com/hangnhat57/compute-engine-101/ Open Terminal and cd to the folder you’ve just cloned First, let’s try to run the app on a local machine to verify it has worked: Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080, you’ll see something like

Storing Data on the Blockchain (p3)

Any supporting platforms? There are few projects that focus on data storage right now. Most are built around decentralized file storage, which includes documents. One project that is focused specifically on documents, particularly signed documents, is Blocksign. This uses the hash method. A user will sign the document and send it to Blocksign, where it

Omnichannel Marketing – Our top 5 tips

At TwentyCi, we recognize the importance of omnichannel programmes as an extremely important marketing approach. And as a concept that is likely to only continue to grow in the coming years. With this significance in mind, Paul Hickey, our COO, was recently asked to provide his best tips for omnichannel marketing. Read on for this top

Storing Data on the Blockchain (p2)

To continue the Storing Data on the Blockchain series, this post will discuss the storing method. If you haven’t read the first post yet, let’s catch up right now The Different Ways to Store Data on a Blockchain There are two main ways you might choose to store data on the blockchain. One option is to