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Opportunities in PropTech – Is this a robust area?

PropTech (Property Technology) refers to a small part of digital transformation in Real Estate industry, using technology innovations to tackle challenges in the Property sector (Dearsley, 2017). PropTech comprises of companies/startups offering IT solutions or innovative business model to make Real Estate transactions more fruitful and efficient (Lecamus, 2017). For the new business model, PropTech

What makes a good ODC?

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is designed to act as an extension of the client organization, seamlessly offering the flexible capacity to meet variable demand. As the ODC model has matured throughout the industry, it’s become clear that successful organizations not only need to deliver tailored solutions in a repeatable manner but also need to

PWA – How to implement

In the previous post, we discussed the concept of PWA. Today we’re going to practice an example – TwentyEA Insight project, step by step. We’re using Laravel for this project but it’s the same as other PHP frameworks even other programming languages. STEP 1: Generate icons, Manifest file in public/pwa/ We must have icons at

Achieve better CRM in three steps

The cost of CRM technology is falling and the flow of consumer data is expanding. Add to that the escalation in platforms to reach people – from mobile, social media and apps such as Snapchat to more unexpected places like screens in driverless cars – and you can see why brands are excited at the

Google Cloud Series: Compute Engine In Action

Objectives: Deploy a highly scalable Nodejs app on GCE Prerequisites: 1.Folk and clone this repo: https://github.com/hangnhat57/compute-engine-101/ 2. Create a service account which has Roles: Compute Instance Admin (v1) and Source Repo Writer Create a service account  Deployment Strategy: 1.Create a startup script which will automatically get the code, install dependencies then start web server right

How to Create Component Paginator In React

When developing a website or specifically, an administration tool, tabular data display is pretty popular. Before, pagination bar is used to be rendered in the back-end, but now, following the trend, I use React to develop a SPA (Single Page Application) administration tool, the pagination bar will be rendered in the front-end. As the pagination bar is

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence is designed machines that has the ability to think, also known as intelligence of machines. The very idea to create an artificial intelligence is to make humans’ lives easier. Researchers of artificial intelligence want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines along with the general intelligence. Advantages of

Google Cloud Series: Introduction

Nowadays, Cloud Computing is an important part of the Internet world. I remember when Apple introduced their iCloud, I thought it was funny, there would be no one want their data, especially sensitive personal data on the internet. Ironically, now most of my important files are on iCloud 😀 So Cloud Computing’s simply known as

PWA Introduction

PWAs – Progressive Web Apps Currently, mobiles take about 52% traffic on the internet and this rate grows significantly every single day. Every company knows that a large number of potential customers come from mobile users. That’s why websites should have great designs, not only for desktop browsers but also to work perfectly on mobile